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Whale and Dolphin watching in the Maldives

The Maldives is home to some of the most majestic beaches where thousands of marine wildlife species live. This is why many scuba divers and tourists visit the country not just to swim and dive in the waters but also to do some whale and dolphin watching. As a matter of fact, many local companies offer tours and trips for tourists who specifically want to watch dolphins and whales in action. Here are some of the most commonly spotted whale, dolphin and other marine life species in the Maldives.

1. Sperm Whales

This is the largest living carnivore in the world today. They live for about 50 years and can grow to a length of up to 50 or 60 feet. They weigh about 35 to 45 tons and occasionally, even more. The Maldives is popularly known to be where many sperm whales live and can be seen in some of the country’s bigger atolls.

2. Whale Sharks

This is the biggest fish in the world today and is considered as the most popular creature in the waters of the Maldives. Although it is a shark, it is a very gentle creature that can grow to a length of up to 40 feet. They are gray with white spots. You would surely be able to spot several of these as you do some whale watching or snorkeling.

3. Bottlenose Dolphins

Although bottlenose dolphins can usually be seen in dolphin shows hosted by aquatic parks in many countries around the globe, there is nothing better than seeing them in action in the waters of the Maldives.

4. Manta Rays

As the largest in the family of rays, the manta ray can grow to have up to 25 feet of wingspan. They can be seen gliding under the surface of the water looking like huge birds. They mainly feed on plankton and are not dangerous to humans at all. They are most commonly seen in many dive spots, particularly in the shallow waters, where they usually go to so that their gills can be cleaned by suckerfish.

5. Gray Reef Shark

This is another one of the numerous shark species which live in the waters of the Maldives. They are beautiful, non-aggressive creatures which are usually spotted around the coral reefs where they feed on smaller fish species.

Some of the other interesting marine wildlife that can be found in Maldives as you go whale and dolphin watching would include sea turtles, anemones, moray eels, butterfly fish, dogtooth tuna and thousands of other species.

If you are planning to go dolphin or whale watching in the islands of Maldives, you can simply search for local companies or travel agencies that offer guided tours and cruises which would take you to some of the best areas where you can see plenty of marine wildlife species from dolphins to whales and fishes to coral reefs. The best time of the year to watch the wildlife in the Maldives would probably be around May, when many species of sharks can be found in the waters.

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