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Water Sports in the Maldives

Since the Maldives is an archipelago of over 1190 islands, it offers a wide range of water sports activities for tourists who are looking to have an exciting vacation. Most of the beaches and resorts offer facilities and rental gear and equipment for different water sports that tourists can enjoy. Here are some of the activities that you may want to include in your trip itinerary.

Scuba Diving

One of the most popular water sports in the Maldives would be scuba diving. With its clear warm waters and magnificent beaches, the Maldives offers more than just spectacular sceneries to scuba divers. This is because the islands of the country have an abundance of colorful and interesting marine life. Many holiday resorts of the Maldives have a scuba diving facility. There are also some local tour group operators that can bring tourists and scuba divers to some of the atolls which serve as excellent dive sites. Some of the most popular dive sites there would be Broken Rock, Banana Reef, Gangehi Kandu, Maaya Thila and Cocoa Thila.


In order to witnessing the beauty of the marine life in the Maldives, tourists need not be a scuba diver. As a matter of fact, with some snorkeling gear and going to some of the best snorkeling sites around the islands can already provide you with a great view of the different species of marine creatures. The Maldives offers waters that are so clear that would give you the chance to appreciate the beauty of the life underneath from even when you just snorkeling just beneath the surface.

Snorkeling equipment are usually offered by cruise boats and resorts so you need not worry about having to bring your snorkeling gear. If you do not have any snorkeling experience, there are also some resorts which offer basic lessons. Some of the things that you need to remember before snorkeling in the Maldives would be to: choose a snug-fitting mask and fins; avoid walking or stepping on the corals to avoid injury; and seek for advice on how to reach the snorkeling spots and how to go back if you would be going there alone or without a guide.


The weather and climate conditions in the Maldives also allow windsurfing. If you are a beginner, you can try practicing first in some of the large lagoons of resort islands before heading out to the big blue waters. Most resorts also offer windsurfing lessons and even certificate courses in windsurfing.


A great way to see the breathtaking aerial view of the greenery on the island and the sparkling blue waters would be to go parasailing. If you are planning to include parasailing to your itinerary, you might want to consider staying at one of the luxury resorts in the Maldives as they are ones which usually offer parasailing facilities and lesson to their guests.

Water Skiing

Speed boats and skis can also be rented from most of the resorts by those who wish to have a thrilling ride on the sea. There are also instructors that offer their services if you have no experience in water skiing.


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