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Scuba Diving in the Maldives

Over the years, the Maldives has becomes one of the most premier scuba diving destinations in the world, primarily because of the country’s abundance of spectacular beaches, clear warm waters, rich marine life and magnificent coral reefs. As a matter of fact, thousands of tourists fly in every year mainly to scuba dive.

Most of the holiday resorts in the country offer a scuba diving facility. There are also several liveaboard operators who provide scuba diving cruise holidays which take guests to some of the most interesting diving sites all over the country. A lot of scuba divers choose to dive here to set their eyes on various species of manta rays, whale sharks, eagle rays, hammerhead sharks, reef sharks and moray eels, along with corals and smaller fishes. If you are planning to go to the Maldives to go on a scuba diving holiday, here are some of its best dive sites.



1. Broken Rock

Named after the large broken rock which is situated at the center of the dive site, it is home to a wide array of both soft and hard coral formations which attract a myriad of marine wildlife species. At the part where the rock is broken, you can see a channel where divers can swim through. The depth of this dive site falls between 40 to 100 feet. Occasionally, the currents in Broken Rock can be quite strong, which is why divers are told to be cautious to avoid getting thrown against the coral reefs. Some of the marine life which is seen at this dive site would include puffer fish, moray eels, trigger fish and napoleon wrasse.

2. Gangehi Kandu

This is the dive site which is recommended for advanced or experienced scuba divers. It is located on the northern region of Ari Atoll. Because the currents here can also be very strong, it is recommended for diving only when currents are flowing into it. This dive site is known for being a great site for spotting sharks such as gray reef sharks, leopard sharks and white tip reef sharks. There are also many colorful coral formations here and divers can expect to set their eyes on many species including moray eels, mantis shrimp, trigger fish and nudibranch.

3. Maaya Thila

Also one of the most popular Maldives dive sites, Maaya Thila is an excellent for both daytime scuba diving and night-time scuba diving. The Maaya Thila’s marine life largely depends on the currents, which can vary greatly. Some of the species that have been spotted here would be white tip reef sharks, turtles, moray eels, stonefish and octopuses.

4. Cocoa Corner or Cocoa Thila

This dive site offers a lot of scuba diving possibilities and offers the best shark show in the Male Atoll area. Many scuba diving guides usually recommend crossing to another dive site Kandooma Thila from Cocoa Corner. Here, divers would be able to see many gray reef sharks, eagle rays and schooling jack fish.

5. Banana Reef

Banana Reef is the first dive site that was discovered in the Maldives. Today, it continues to be among the most frequented by divers as it offers an extensive variety of marine wildlife such as squirrelfish, oriental sweetlips and bannerfish.

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