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The Maldives Environment

Being a country that is located at the equator, the Maldives has a monsoonal climate. The country has two distinct seasons which would be the dry season or the northeast monsoon and the wet season or the southwest monsoon. The temperatures during these seasons vary greatly. The dry season usually falls around January to March and the wet season runs from the middle of May through November.

Overall, the Maldives has a tropical climate which has warm temperatures year round. You can expect plenty of sunshine, particularly on the hottest month which is April. Because the Maldives is made up of small islands which are surrounded by seas, the hot days are usually tempered by the cooling sea breezes and the balmy temperatures in the evening. It is also rare that for the country to experience severe storms and cyclones. However, the Maldives is affected when there are cyclones in the Bay of Bengal, which usually cause rain showers.

The temperature throughout year usually ranges from about 31 degrees Celsius during the day and about 23 degrees Celsius during nighttime. The highest recorded temperature in the country would be 36.8 degrees Celsius in May of 1991 while the lowest recorded temperature was 17.2 degrees Celsius in April of 1978.

If you are planning to travel to the Maldives, the recommended type of clothing would be those made with lightweight cottons and linens to stay cool under the heat of the sun. However, since the sun

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